Horse-riding outfit for women 101

Horse-Riding Outfit for Women 101 (all you need to know when you start riding)

You have found the perfect horse, and you are learning how to saddle up and ride. But what about your riding outfit?

When it comes to the riding outfit for our equine-loving friends, there are nowadays so many options are available. Depending on your riding style and the riding discipline you participate in, you may want to follow established clothing conventions or choose to go your own way.
There are so many choices, it can get confusing. Horse riding pants, for instance, may come in low rise and high rise style and, depending on your body shape, may offer you tummy support in and out of the saddle and a flattering outline.
And we, at TukTuk, believe we have some of the best horse-riding pants and waterproof jackets available in the market that offer more than just functionality. We believe that design is crucial, and we strive to design for all facets of the female form.
But before you go all out shopping for your next horse-riding outfit, it helps if you acquaint yourself with the basics.

The Basics
Horse-riding is a great way to get out in the fresh air, excercise and enjoy nature. Leave alone the amazing bond you create with your horse.But even when you have prepared everything ahead for a day of horseback riding, we know that your outfit can make or break your whole riding experience.
A basic horse-riding outfit for women includes riding pants or jeans. You want them to fit well and give you plenty of stretch in the fabric so that getting your foot in the stirrup is easy. Add a comfortable shirt for sun protection, preferably made from natural fibres for comfort out in the heat.
Your boots should have soles with a good grip to prevent your feet from slipping out of the stirrups but not too much to make them a hazard if you need to dismount in a hurry. Depending on the season, a waterproof jacket may also come in handy.

Let's go into detail about each of these outfit pieces below.

Horseback Riding Boots
A durable pair of horse-riding boots is essential for every rider. These boots are purpose-designed to keep your foot safely in the stirrup and usually come with a smooth sole and sturdy toe to keep your feet comfy. Some riding boots, particularly boots for trail riding and endurance, offer a waterproof lining or upper and are designed to cover some miles in if you need to walk in rough terrain or have an injured horse that you need to walk home or back to the float. Dressage riding boots are often long boots that reach up to the knee. Western boots come in various forms and are mostly associate with Western discipline like roping, cutting and reigning.

Riding Helmets
A good helmet is also a must-have for riders, protecting your head from injuries in the event of a fall. There are many styles to choose from, and the riding discipline you follow often determines the type of helmet that suits you and fits in with club rules etc.
Aside from the quality, another thing to consider when wearing a helmet is its fit. It has to fit comfortably. Not too tight because it may become distracting and cause you to lose focus and not too loose either as it may fall forward over your eyes and, in the event of a fall, may lose its effectiveness in protecting you. Exposure to the elements or a fall may degrade the helmet's integrity, making it essential to upgrade them every few years.

Riding Gloves
Your hands need to be protected as well when you are riding out with your equine friend. Purpose made horse-riding gloves protect your hands from extreme weather conditions and might help prevent blisters. Although you can always fall back on an ordinary pair of gloves, just know that they don't offer the support and grip that specialised riding gloves provide.

Riding Pants
Also called riding breeches or jodphurs, riding pants are generally made of fabric with some stretch. Riding pants usually come in a snug fit to prevent loose fabric from bunching up between the rider and the saddle and causing friction and chafing. Some people say the horse feels the rider's movements better, the less material is between the rider and the saddle.
Now to explain the difference between breeches and jodphurs: Both are worn mainly by Engish riders in the disciplines of dressage, showjumping and eventing. Breeches are designed to be worn with tall boots and only reach to above the ankle. Jodphurs are worn with short boots, and they reach down to the top of the boots. Most have an underfoot elastic that keeps the jodhpur from riding up the leg.
Both styles might have parts, like the seat or knee patches made with gripping fabric or a gel pattern to keep the rider securely anchored in the saddle while on the horse. (That point is debatable but needs another blog...).
Riders participating in Western Riding Disciplines like Cutting, Reigning, Cowboy Dressage and Ranch Riding, and Trail Riders often choose traditional jeans as riding pants as part of their riding outfit.

At TukTuk, we have riding pants and jeans that we know you'll love. They are designed by us, specifically for the many variations of the female form and, they are made from four-way-stretch fabric for ultimate comfort.
You may ask, what makes our pants stand out? Apart from the unique design and quality of make, we consider the wearer's comfort a guiding principle. So, they're functional, durable, make you look gorgeous in and out of the saddle, and they are very comfortable!

Riding Jackets and Coats
A horse-riding jacket is essential for a rider's wardrobe, and it is often a part of the uniform for competitive riders. Your riding club will likely have specific requirements for club uniforms, including jackets.

A waterproof horse-riding jacket is an excellent choice for riders of all levels and disciplines in some areas of Australia. It's even better if it is lightweight because tacking up and riding involves a lot of movement and you don't want to be weighted down by your coat or restricted in moving with your horse.
However, if you ride almost every day, you may have to opt for more than one riding jackets. A long riding coat is ideal for the cold and wet seasons and, you can layer jumpers and a t-shirt under it. On the other hand, a short jacket may come in handy if you want warmth for your core but don't need protection for your legs.
If you are in the market for a riding coat, we at TukTuk Australia have you covered. We specialise in full length waterproof riding coats as well as shorter waterproof riding jackets for all seasons. Their design ensures that they are comfortable to wear, don't restrict movement when you're in the saddle and keep you dry and toasty.

Horse-riding is an exciting and fun sport. And it's also fun building a riding wardrobe with practical and stylish pieces of clothing. You know that you're on the right track when your riding pants are so comfortable and good looking that you want to wear them going to the Pub.
For your horse-riding clothing needs, turn to TukTuk. Check our shop section for our range of horse riding clothing pieces designed for the women in our horse riding tribe.

Sabine Helsper