The Horse-Riding Jeans You Have to Have

Horse riding is quite an activity. It requires the rider to be on her best form whenever she’s on the horse. That is why she needs to wear top quality riding jeans. Wearing comfortable and durable jeans can help the rider perform better when riding. But riders don’t only want to feel good, they also want to look good.

Even when horse riding, you still want to look your best. Thankfully there are now a lot of horse riding clothes available to choose from. It wouldn’t be surprising to find shops that sell horse riding pants in Australia. The sport is actually quite common in the country. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding clothes that fit your needs.

Everyone wants to ride in style. From the bottom of your boots to the top of your hat, your horse riding outfit should be well coordinated. Who says you can’t wear nice things and go do jumps and tricks? When you know you look and feel great, there is nothing that can stop you from performing your best.

Horse Riding Jeans

That's why riders want to wear cute-looking jeans. They want to show off their skills with and in style. When it comes to picking between looks and comfort, it is no longer a problem to pick both. Nowadays, there is really no reason for anyone to sacrifice one for the other. There are a lot of riding jeans for sale that can give riders what they need.

Horse Riding

When talking about horse riding, a lot of people would think you need to have your own horse and ranch to get into this sport. Although more experienced riders would probably have their own horse and gear, you can actually go to riding schools that will provide the necessary equipment and horse for your lessons. If you take up horse riding, you have to do more than just sit on a steed while it walks along a trail.

You actually gain things like stronger arm and leg muscles, better balance and posture, and even better concentration. Equestrian sports come in many forms, there’s dressage, show jumping, endurance riding, and so much more. Knowing the basics of horse-riding is fun but becoming an expert in horse riding takes a lot of work. This sport may seem scary at first, but it is actually fun and suitable for all ages.

Riding Jeans VS Breeches

In the world of equestrianism, wearing the right kind of riding pants is essential for your comfort and performance. You need to be able to get saddled up easily without any hitch. That is why you always need to be in gear. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right pants to wear when horse riding. But for now, let's look into the style of the traditional and the modern choices of pants. When you think of riding pants, the first thing that comes to people's minds are riding breeches. These are the traditional and well-loved kind of riding pants. These are usually worn by experienced riders. but in the modern age, riders want to wear something with versatility. That is why many opt to wear riding jeans. A pair of jeans can be worn from riding to casual dinners. You wouldn't need to change what you're wearing to look appropriate.

Not Just Jeans

Just because you’ve got the right riding jeans on, doesn’t mean you are ready to get saddled up. Your complete outfit must be appropriate and must conform with official horse-riding standards. You need to be in acceptable clothing, so you can be safe while riding. You don’t have to look silly to be protected. There are articles of clothing and protective gear that you can match with your jeans to keep you stylish, protected, and comfortable.

Cotton Shirts

The most basic piece you can wear with your jeans are cotton shirts. Cotton is a lightweight material and doesn’t restrict any of your movements when riding. There are a lot of brands that sell cotton shirts for women and men, so you won’t have a hard time looking for these.


Just because you are wearing nice-looking leather boots doesn’t mean you can hop on a horse; you need to wear proper riding boots. There are two kinds of boots used in horse riding. The first one is the long boots. These boots are the first things people imagine when they think of riding boots. They offer comfort and protection to riders when on a horse. The other kind is the short riding boots. These boots are perfect for those who are still trying to learn how to ride a horse. They offer more freedom when it comes to leg movement and are more comfortable for groundwork.


Horse riding requires a lot of balance. Amateurs, and even experts, need to be careful when getting on a horse. The possibility of falling can happen to anyone. That is why you must always wear your riding helmet to prevent any serious injury.


When horse riding, you need to wear complete protective gear. And since you will be holding on to leather or rubber harnesses, you always need to have your riding gloves on. This protects your hands from chafing and straining.

Riders love and appreciate the comfort given by riding jeans. But that doesn’t mean they want to miss out on looking good. Some are even looking for jeans they can wear on casual days out. With the versatility of the fashion industry, this may not be too far off.

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