TukTuk Riding Jeans and Casual Riding Trouser finishing detail

Custom Leg Length now available for Riding Jeans and Casual Riding Pants

Going by the feedback from our lovely customers, one of the biggest bugbears for many seems to be leg length in riding trousers.
We get it. Our TukTuk team of two represents both the 'height challenged' camp and the 'giraffe' category. No off the shelf purchase ever seem to fit just right.

So we've gone back to the drawing board, tossed around a few ideas and decided that we are going to offer a custom length option for both of our casual riding pants and our riding jeans  - and we are doing it in a way that keeps the gorgeous hem detail: the split at the bottom of the pant leg will remain and so will the tassels (unless you don't like either or one of those details, tell us, and we'll make them go away).

How to order

To most reliable way to achieve the perfect leg length for yourself, is to measure the inseam of a pair of pants you already have that are exactly the way you like them. When you order your pants, choose your style and size on our online shop and if you require a custom leg length, add a CUSTOM LEG LENGTH option from the riding jeans or casual riding trouser collection page. On checkout simply enter your exact inseam measurement in the notes field.

Some things to consider

Please keep in mind that all pants will naturally ride up your leg approximately five to eight centimetres when you sit in the saddle. As for us, we like that Cowboy sort of a cool look when our pants cover our boots down to the heel when we have our feet in the stirrups (it optically lengthens your leg length, or so we believe). If they are too long when you are on the ground, you can cuff them, and the faux suede lining they come with will help the cuff stay up.
On the other hand, you may have the prettiest boots and want to show them off? That's calling for a shorter length. As always, horses for courses. So, add or take away as many centimetres/inches you need to achieve the look you like.
You get the idea.

Longest Leg Length available

The longest inseam length available to order online for sizes 8 and 10 is 90 cms/35.5 inches, and for sizes 12 to 18 it is 96.6 cms/38 inches (all measurements are from the crotch of your pants down to the hem).
If you require a longer inseam, please contact us on 03/ 5728 2896 or send us an email to customercare@tuktukclothing.com.au.

Time frame

We will dispatch your pants within ten days after you placed your order. If you order any other items at the same time, we'll split the order and send you your other purchases first - unless of course you let us know that you are ok with waiting and we'll send send both together.

No returns are available for custom altered riding pants

Please note: we cannot accept any exchanges/returns on custom altered riding pants (unless the garment is faulty) - all sales are final. Please carefully check your waist measurements against our sizing charts (here is the link for the riding jeans and here for the casual riding pants) to pick the perfect size for you.

If you need help deciding which style of riding pants will likely work best for you, please call us on 03 5728 2896, Tue to Thu, 10 am to 4 pm.
It is very helpful if you measure your waist and inseam before you call us. Cornelia, our Head of Design has fitted thousands of women over the years and is always happy to have a chat.

Sabine Helsper