Humans and Horses. A love affair.

Humans and Horses. A love affair.

We have been the custodians of many equine souls – and we have loved each and every one for the simple reason that they are a horse.

We have tried our best to understand and nurture the best of all the personalities, the variety of temperaments, the various physical attributes. No matter where we were on the curve of our learning or abilities, we’ve always tried as hard for them as they have for us.

From day one it’s been a partnership.

If there was a physical tree of life on which we could carve our initials we would carve this:


  Image of a love heart


We love that every horse has the same wonderful smell, every horse makes the same horse noises and we’ve loved every one of them for the same reason – simply, they are a horse.

We haven’t always done it right, and many times we’ve made mistakes, or taken our moods and problems into the arena where our beautiful horses have endlessly done their best to please us. Now we are a bit older and we’ve learned through experience. We’d like to think we’ve improved and we hope our horses agree. Time has either softened our youthful passion into patience, or it has strengthened our fears to form the sinews of resolve.

This is what makes us all a part of the horse people tribe. This is the TukTuk Tribe.

We know you’re like us.
We know we’re like you.

And this is why we like to say 'We know you'.

We think we  know you a little bit because we love horses and you love them too. Between us folks at TukTuk, we’re drawing on over 100 years of experience with horses. Collectively, that is. We’re not that old.

Sure, there are many body types, but what we’ve learned from fitting tens of thousands of different shapes since TukTuk started in 1997, is that we know you.

We know you want support round the midriff, but not too much, you don’t want to feel restricted.
We know you want the feel and comfort of natural fibres.
We know you want stretchy pants that give when you bend.
We know you want to be protected from the sun.
We know some of you have long legs, some of you not so long.
We know sometimes your riding pants scrunch up around the calf and you don’t like it.
We know you sometimes like a bit of bling and you always like style.
We know you appreciate quality.
We know you want a place to carry your phone.
We know you expect your clothing to last. Five years hard wear is a good innings.
We know all bodies are different, but also have a lot in common: like the tummy stuff, and wanting to have a ‘nice bum’; like feeling well turned out but not stiff. Stylish not stuffy.

We know you. Maybe not personally yet. But we know you as a woman. A woman who rides horses and loves the Australian countryside.

Come visit us for a private fitting.

We’re here to help you find which riding pants or outfits suit you best. That’s often best done in person. Please don’t hesitate to get on the phone and call us for advice or make an appointment for a fitting. Bring a friend or two. Make it into an outing, an exciting road trip. The beautiful township of Beechworth in the North East of Victoria is the home of TukTuk Clothing. There are plenty of beautiful accommodation options and you will find some of the best food and wine of the North East at the local restaurants and wineries. Consider yourself invited.

Check out Explore Beechworth for accommodation options, sightseeing and shopping in Beechworth


Cornelia Selover