Well, hello! TukTuk is back!


After seven long years away, we’re bringing the TukTuk brand back. We made the decision in 2019 and since then, we have been working with renewed energy to design and tweak the classic TukTuk look and bring back our signature range of horse riding clothes for women with style.

Yes, it's going to be a hard act to follow. We set the bar very high. But we know that we have many behind us who really want this to happen and we’ve been getting amazing feedback and support from our previous customers who have missed what we do and would love to hear from us again. So here we are again. Due to popular demand, you might say. Thank you.

Some things have changed but the important things will stay the same. Because we know how much you love them.

Our thoughts on design are the same as they’ve always been. We believe that comfortable and well considered design is everything. It should help you feel good. Doesn’t matter if you’re stepping out for a cuppa in town or getting on your horse. We get that our tribe of horse loving and mostly country dwelling women (as well as those wishing they were living in the country) needs sturdy gear that can withstand a bit of bush bashing or stable cleaning. But you want your clothes to be stylish at the same time.

We also understand that clothes are about feelings. We all need to love our clothes enough to want to wear them day after day. 

So, what makes us love them? The way they make us look, the way they feel next to our skin, the ease of movement they allow. It’s that unique combination of functionality and form.

We choose natural fibres like cottons, linen, bamboo and silk for our riding pants and shirts. Why? For comfort and breathability. Sometimes we mix in a little bit of Spandex for that all-important stretch (think getting your foot into your stirrup with ease).

When we’re designing, we’re not just thinking about creating clothes for horse riders. We’re thinking about what the women in our tribe, the horse loving women who also have a busy life, would love to wear when they are doing all the other things the need to do. So we’re thinking about that pair of pants that not only looks good but also feels good in any situation.

And we follow a very simple principle in our designs: we build up to quality, not down to price. You can depend on it.

Yes, it sounds simple, yet it’s really hard to do. Our very small team understands from firsthand experience how much passion and energy is required to make loveable clothes and make the whole thing work as a business. You may have heard that the clothing industry can be cut-throat and the competition is fierce. It is.

Because of this, we take complete control over everything ourselves. We take our designs straight to our select manufacturers. We choose the best materials. We make to last. And because there are no middlemen (or middlewomen), we are able to bring you the best possible quality at competitive prices.



A quick word about our fabrics: we prefer natural fibres as they are significantly more durable, feel better against your skin, and most importantly they become softer and more beautiful with each wear. Yes, some of the darker cotton fabric we use for the riding pants will fade a little after a while, but that just adds to their character.

We have some new things in the pipeline as well. Once we are up and running again, we are planning some unique TukTuk experiences. If the phrase ‘boutique riding and accommodation packages’ sounds like you, stay tuned.

We are also planning to unveil a premium TukTuk line of clothing and accessories. For those who want to step it up a little more, this is a little bit fancy.

It feels great to be back. We are loving hearing from all our previous customers and getting to know all the new ones. The excitement and enthusiasm we are getting from you is quite incredible.

If you want to know more about the TukTuk tribe and also what happens behind the scenes, please follow our Instagram page @TukTukClothing or TukTuk Clothing on Facebook. And, of course, we always love to see photos of you in your TukTuks. Please keep posting them.

Come ride with us.

Thank you.

Sabine and Cornèlia