Ranch Roper| 2" Herman Oak Leather Belt


The Ranch Roper belt is absolutely top drawer. You can send him out with $20 to ride fifty k's to the shops for milk and he’ll come home with what you asked for, a receipt, plus correct change. He’s a rock.
It is simple, elegant, designed and made to work (like your saddle). This belt belongs with your family heirlooms, to be passed down from mother to daughter through the generations. 

  • Hand cut, stitched and finished in North East Victoria from 4mm Herman Oak leather.
  • Double stitched all around for added strength and durability.
  • The buckle is made to our design and is removable.
  • At two inches wide, the Ranch Roper mimics the billet of your best roping saddle in looks and quality.
  • Buckle is 'tied off' roping saddle style.

NOTE: Length of the belts are measured from the middle of the buckle to the middle hole.