What To Wear When Riding A Horse

What to wear for horse riding? Some basics

Most people want to look good while riding at some point. But you also want to make sure you are ensuring your safety and comfort. Choosing the right apparel for riding is essential as it affects your performance and comfort level while at the same time protecting you against possible injuries while in the saddle. With that in mind, let’s break down which items you need in your equestrian wardrobe and why they’re important.

Riding pants or jeans

Look for pants that are lightweight and comfortable but also sturdy enough to protect you, just in case you come off. Jeans with reinforced knees might do the trick, but you can purchase riding pants specifically designed for this purpose. At a minimum, these will usually come with additional features such as stirrup straps and pockets which can be useful while riding. Tuk Tuk riding jeans are designed by women, for women. Our jeans and pants are made from four-way stretch fabric that is generally 95% cotton.

Four-way stretch means the pants will stretch up and down (along the warp), laterally (along the weft) and diagonally. These pants stretch like yoga pants. We’ve also included features like secure closures for thigh pockets, and where possible, our designs feature no inner leg seams that could sit awkwardly or rub against the saddle. We can make custom adjustments and will work with you to ensure the fit is correct. In particular, we can do custom leg lengths. Our customer reviews speak to the quality of these jeans – check out the full range now

Waterproof jacket or coat for horse riding

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Investing in a waterproof jacket will ensure that you stay dry on those miserable rainy days. We offer variety of styles, from lightweight rain jackets to more heavy-duty winter coats. If you’re really going to be out there in the weather, look into our Storm Cloud full-length riding coat, made from lightweight and breathable but waterproof material, elasticised storm cuffs, and full seam-sealing. There’s also a removable hood and cape, and most importantly, the flared cut is guaranteed to cover your legs and saddle while riding. For a shorter warm waterproof jacket, look no further than our famous Winter Exercise Jacket with studded storm front closure.

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Sabine Helsper