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Horse riding clothes for women with style

Well, hello. TukTuk is back!

After seven long years away, we're bringing the TukTuk brand back. We made the decision in 2019 and since then, we have been working with renewed energy to design and tweak the classic TukTuk look and bring back our signature range of horse riding clothes for women with style.


100% Naughty Tee

'100% Naughty' is dedicated to those not always easy but lovable horses (or kids, or husbands), who fit the description and to those of us who love them all the more for it.

Riding Jeans or Casual Riding Pants.

Which style is best for you? Read on, we'll explain the differences...

Riding Jeans Style 274

Let’s say you’re after a sturdy pair of pants to wear with a belt, with the classic look of jeans, our mid-rise Riding Jeans Style# 274 is what you want. They’re super comfy and perfect for a long ride in the bush, working in the yard, chasing a cow, or having a drink at the pub. They fit equally well in the competition arena or an outing at Bunnings. And we have them in three colour and two leg length.

Casual Riding Trousers Style #263

Or, if you’re looking for something stylish, tummy supporting and sleek, go for the Casual Riding Pant Style #263. Made from the same sturdy material with a high rise fit without a waist band and less likely to produce the dreaded ‘muffin top’. They also have no inside leg seam, so there’s no chafing and bulk. They are so comfy that some of our customers wear them to Yoga and competitive dancing and they suit casual as well as competitive riding.

Humans and Horses.

We are all part of the horse people tribe.

We love horses and we think you love them too.

We also think that we know you as a woman. A woman who loves stylish clothes.

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