Horse Riding Jeans For Sale In Australia

At TukTuk Clothing, horse riding jeans are our bread and butter. We are meticulous about designing flattering and form-fitting jeans that are purpose-made for horse riding, with durable materials that don’t sacrifice comfort.

Whether you’re planning to spend the day in the stables, on horseback or even just shopping in town; our stylish horse riding jeans won’t let you down. You can even choose the exact leg length you like, for a tailored fit – just remember when choosing your length that jeans will naturally ride up your leg approximately 5-8cm when you’re sitting in the saddle.

Forget about painful buttons and uncomfortable seams digging into your skin while you ride – our flattering, form-fitting horse riding jeans will instantly become your favourite pair of pants regardless of whether you’re spending the day working with your horse.

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