Do you prefer a ShowPony or a WorkHorse? (We are talking waterproof winter riding jackets here.)

What would determine your choice of a jacket? We'd guess a) the purpose of use of the jacket and b) your body type?

So let's say you're after a sturdy waterproof jacket, which stands up to yardwork and will keep you cosy when you're standing about for hours on end watching your kids at pony club or the footy. In the freezing rain and the wind blowing a gale. The Winter Excercise Jacket fits that bill. It's cuddly, oversized, tough enough for yard work, built to ride your horse in, wind-stopping, 100% waterproof  (even then seams) and, covers you over the bum.

Waterproof Winter Horse Riding Jacket

This jacket is a workhorse and cut very generously. It's built to handle layers of jumpers, cardies and scarves underneath. Vets and clinicians love this jacket. Also, the colour is really forgiving, and you can't kill the fabric. Get it filthy; just chuck it in the washing machine. It comes with detachable fuzzy-wuzzy on the hood. (We just like saying fuzzy-wuzzy.)
With its roomy fit, it's great for those of us that have been out in the 'Covid' paddock. And also for the ones of us who have a, ahem, generous bust.
And it's great for husbands (men just take up more room in everything, don't they?).

If, on the other hand, you're looking for something stylish for the more elegant among us, go for the Three-in-one Jacket. It's more of a show pony and perfect for going to the shops on a cold day, heading out for a short trail ride when it's a bit chilly, going inside for a coffee and a sticky bun (take the outer shell off). Have a lesson - get a bit warm and take off the outer shell or the inner fleece.

In terms of what body shape it fits: probably a smaller frame with delicate wrists and ankles, smaller shoulders, or lightly muscled (padded) torso.

TukTuk three-in-one waterproof winter riding jacket
The Three-in-one Riding Jacket with the zip-in/zip-out polar fleece consists of four layers (the outer shell = windbreaker, the shell liner, the inner polar fleece and the fleece lining). Worn together, it keeps you warm in winter; worn separately, it'll take you through all seasons. And the outer shell is completely waterproof (unless you fall off a boat, in which case a bit of moisture might get in).
The jacket is warm on its own (we use snowboarding fabrics) but not suitable to stuff under extra layers. It's a slim fit.
Elegant and beautifully made with all the thoughtful TukTuk details we love to add: seam sealing, tons of pockets, detachable hood.

Sabine Helsper